Commercial Upholstery

As a commercial furniture upholstery shop that uses a variety of materials and styles to build our furniture, we work with leather and synthetic leather perhaps the most. We work with these tougher materials to ensure our customers long-term satisfaction. We also use high density, high quality foam for the same reason. Our woodwork has over 30 years of experience to it as well. We want take care of our customers needs, as it is our responsibility to ensure a strong frame, comfortable seat and good-looking upholstery. Button tufting which is the style of the picture above, is a long process but it results in some of our favorite commercial furniture work (Although the picture above is home furniture). Most commercial upholstery projects we acquire usually involve some sort of distinct composition which brings about a unique feeling to the upholstery for its business. We also have completed many simple projects, and some far more complex, but as an upholstery shop, it is leather work, with this type of distinct craft that stands out to us. Contact us for more information on Commercial upholstery, and commercial custom furniture. We build custom size frames, upholster and install, all the things you need to complete you commercial upholstery project.