Furniture Upholstery and now Commercial/Restaurant Upholstery

Booth Avenue has been doing furniture upholstery since the 1970’s. Upholstery has been our craft since and we are now specializing in large commercial upholstery projects. We have already completed multiple projects that ranged from 4-5 booths for a small restaurant in Bend, Oregon up to a full high-end bar and grill in SW Portland which held about 30 of our upholstered pieces. We complete work in the assigned time for the appropriate amount of work required, in the many times we come close to deadlines we always manage to stay on schedule and complete the works by working outside the clock. At some points we have had to make last second complementary deliveries as far as we must go to complete the job, because to complete the job is our goal and we strive for excellence of our craft.


And as to just how experienced we really are, well, our upholstery shop has seen some of the world’s finest furniture to ever be crafted from places like Denmark with their unique designs, and many other exclusive pieces of furniture even revered as art. One specific furniture store we are truly close to is called Look Modern, which offers the most looked-after furniture and art pieces in the country, if not also the entire world. We have worked with famous furniture designers and pieces worth upwards of tens of thousands for one chair and ottoman. Of course, we only do the upholstery, and some wood refinish, but with this said we hope our customers feel more comfortable trusting us with their upholstery needs and even more with the character our upholstery will bring to their business.

(Piece we’ve upholstered; Papa bear chair by Hans Wegner, 1950’s Denmark)


Commercial Upholstery

(Portland Bar and Grill; We built from frame, to foam, to vinyl and installation)

Our prices are very respectable and affordable. We work from our shop in 2234 NE Columbia Blvd 97211, and we prefer to meet as appointment only but we do have open doors.


Please Call us for more information at 971-242-8811 from 8am – 5pm Monday-Friday.


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