Restaurant Upholstery

Building furniture is as crafty as you can imagine. Actually, building furniture is dependent on your imagination, no one wants furniture that is pale and blank. Furniture can describe a broad variety of styles and purposes and we don’t just build anything here in Booth Avenue, we specialize in upholstery furniture. Booths, upholstered chairs, ottomans and even sometimes upholstered tables and countertops. We hand build all these here at Booth Avenue. Working with restaurant upholstery has been our most common type of commercial work, we have built custom restaurant upholstery for some 20 restaurants in Oregon in the past 5 years, but we have been doing upholstery for about 40 years. We usually work hand and hand with the business owners and contractors to make sure your restaurant upholstery is what you have in mind. You give us the idea, and we will measure, write it out, get your approval, build it, upholster it, detail it and install it if you need us to do all or any of that. We have been doing upholstery for many years and we have the profession to cover all the details of building a restaurants upholstery.

Restaurant upholstery is so overlooked most restaurants have similar upholstery and furniture, but I would bet it’s easy to imagine and agree that a restaurant that stands out in its community has interesting furniture and upholstery. At least has decent furniture. As a consumer I can say that upholstery is one of the last things I think about when I pick a restaurant, until I sit on the booth that sinks me down to level with the table and I can see just how it feels to be 4 ft. tall. But besides the functions of the furniture, the vinyl can bother me as well, when its sticky and torn with nothing positive about it except the fact that it feeds my laziness to not be at home cooking for myself.

We have never had challenges building any upholstery, which we wished was different it would mean people are trying compelling designs. Aside the commercial upholstery we now do full time, in the past, we have upholstered some of the most interesting furniture pieces available and, so we are ready to fill an entire business with outstanding upholstery… if it worked with the theme. Our work is always professional, and the price is moderate depending on what you may need. We work fast, precisely and never let anyone down on anything.

The conversation of making restaurant upholstery be cool to the customers needs to start being a thing soon. Maybe restaurant owners need to work on their marketing… But aside what is that we can’t change, we can change the bad furniture you may have, and let’s not lie to ourselves, building custom work to add character to our business is rewarding.

The easy way to start your project would be by calling us and maybe drawing it out. If you already have the measurements you may be ready for our upholster to come by and show you how it can be done and in how long. Give your business an upgrade as a present, give it new furniture.